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Our Church Ministries

Small Groups
Our church's small groups ministry offers classes and fellowships for men, women, and children of all ages.

The church outreach ministry is passionately committed to winning souls and extending a warm invitation to everyone to join us at church.
Join us in the praise and worship time by singing in the choir or sharing your talent of playing an instrument.
The nursery plays a crucial role in the church by caring for our little ones from newborns to 2 years old.
Welcome Ministry
The Welcome Ministry helps our visitors feel at home by providing a warm, friendly face as they enter and sharing welcome gifts with first-time visitors.
Grassroots Ministry
Enjoy God's sunshine in the Grassroots Ministry while being part of maintaining the look and beauty of the church lawn and landscape.
Recharge Ministry
Help "recharge" our church by updating and improving the church building and property through various projects including remodel, repair, landscaping, and decorating.
Cleaning Ministry
Come together with church family to maintain the facilities.
Snack Shack and Soda Fountain
Enjoy a little snack and drink before or after services, great for kids and adults!

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